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Best "General" players this month

288 p. duci G
256 p. mimiR
245 p. mitkodelibaltov
222 p. Иван

Best "Yahtzee" players this month

799 p. mimiR
770 p. duci G
740 p. Иван

Terms of use

1. You can own only one account in Rollantida. If you own more than one account administrators will send you warning and may delete your accounts.
2. If you find a bug in the game you should not take advantage of it and send report to the administrators immediately. Otherwise your account may be charged/delete, depending on the case.
3. You agree to receive "cookies" for the use of site.
4. Use of account names such as "admin" , "administrator" and so on are strictly forbidden as well as the obscene or offensive usernames. In that case your account may be deleted without any warnings.
5. Do not  share your password or e-mail address with anyone. If anyone pretending to be administrator of the website requires that kind of information from you do not share anything. Contact us immediately with more information on email: admin@rollantida.com.
6. Prizes are sent within 10 working days after winning them. The costs of delivery shall be paid by the organizers of the game. If the winner does not provide detailed information for the delivery to the administrators within 10 working days, he/she loses his prize.
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