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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create account in Rollantida?
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To create new account in Rollantida you have to click on top right corner the button "Join now" , that can be found on the navbar of the website. When you click it new window will pop up , where you can enter your account details. On submit your account is created and you are automatically logged in.
I forgot my password. How to reset it?
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If you have forgotten your password you can request new password from this link: Reset your password. On wrong password entry in the login form , you are also notified with instructions how to reset your password displayed in pop-up window.
Where to check my ranking?
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Hello, in order to check your ranking position you can choose option from the menu "Rankings". There you can see the top ranked players. If you can't find yourself on the first page go play a game and beat your opponents. Good luck ;)
Can I invite my friends to Rollantida?
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Rollantida is open for everyone to register. Do you have to invite them? - Yes of course you can and you should. Let's bring more people and enjoy playing with them.
Do you record my password? I don't want that.
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Your password is not saved directly on our website. It is well encrypted and we cannot actually see it. Your password cannot be decrypted so when you login we are encrypting the entry data and check if it matches with your password in the database. We DO NOT see your password and can not use it.
How can I send my question to the administrators?
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If your question doesn't matches the ones listed above you can send it to us in e-mail with more information about the problem. Our administrators will do their best to give good explanation in short term. 
Our e-mail is admin@rollantida.com . You can email us anytime and we will reply back to you in the next 24hours.
Do I need internet to play?
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Yes, you need internet! Your games are checked and saved on our server in real time in order to provide the best quality for our players.
What is going to happen if i quit mid-game?
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If you leave, while your game is still playing your progress will be saved automatically to our server in real time. This means that you can continue your game later. If your boss enters the room , while you play just close the window with (Alt+F4) and continue your game later.
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