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Best "General" players this month

277 p. duci G
264 p. mimiR
261 p. mitkodelibaltov
244 p. Антония
243 p. Иван

Best "Yahtzee" players this month

954 p. Иван
878 p. duci G
785 p. mimiR
573 p. Антония

Duci G stole the show in March '22 with a new record

Duci G stole the show in March '22 with a new record
Duci G grabbed a double victory from General and Yahtzee. At Yahtzeethe victory was won with an impressive result of 913 points. and a NEW RECORD! The previous record was on krassi (911 pts) and was achieved back in December 2021.
Second place with a very small difference went to mimiR, and third place went to Иван.
The top 10 looks like this:
1. duci G 913 points.
2. mimiR 904 points.
3. Ivan 838 points.
4. Lights 694 points.
5. Riti0011 662 points.
6. mitkodelibaltov 545 points.
7. zuzu 498 points.
You are awesome! Well done for the great results and I expect more surprises this month.

duci G got the trophy in March '22

duci G got the trophy in March '22
Wondering which was successful in March?
Duci G grabbed the General title with 287 points. The second place went to mimiR with 277 points, and the third place went to boel4e with 262 pts.
The others in the top 10 are:
4. mitkodelibaltov 257 points.
5. Ivan 255 points.
6. zuzu 204 points.
7. Antonia 176 points.

Expect you this month to try your throws, your combination skills and you wish a lot of luck.

duci made a double with her victory at Yams in February

duci made a double with her victory at Yams in February
February flew away, but for Duci he will be memorable for the double victory on Yahtzee and General in Rolantida.

A very small lead decided the title this month as duci with 832pts. managed to escape Ivan and his result of 828pts. and the Riti0011 with 765pts.

Wonderful month, beautiful game and memorable moments.
The other participants in the month are:
4. mimiR 682 points.
5. zuzu 580 points.
6. mitkodelibaltov 529 points.

Thank you for playing Yahtzee this month ♥ You are great
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