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Best "General" players this month

280 p. mimiR
278 p. duci G
276 p. boel4e
267 p. Иван
263 p. mitkodelibaltov

Best "Yahtzee" players this month

807 p. duci G
776 p. Иван
764 p. mimiR

mimiR is the winner for the month of May

mimiR is the winner for the month of May
Congratulations, mimiR! You are our 5th monthly winner for this year.

We remind you that the first four months were won by:
January - boel4e
February - zuzu
March - mimiR
April - Antonia

After mimiR and its result of 287t. line up zuzu with 284t. and duci with 282t.
The top 10 add:
4. boel4e - 279t.
5. MoZhekov with 277t.
5. smil3y with 277t.
5. mitkodelibaltov с 277т.
8. vancheto85 with 276t.
9. Penka Zhekova with 275 tons.
10. Antonia with 271 tons.

Thank you all for participating.

I wish you good luck and a lot of fun playing the games in June.


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