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Best "General" players this month

288 p. duci G
256 p. mimiR
245 p. mitkodelibaltov
222 p. Иван

Best "Yahtzee" players this month

799 p. mimiR
770 p. duci G
740 p. Иван

mimiR won again! 3rd monthly win for 2021

mimiR won again! 3rd monthly win for 2021
mimiR won again! Third monthly victory for 2021.

mimiR fought with duci and managed to win with 285 points. In second place with only 1 point difference remained duci and a total of 284 points. The bronze medal will be awarded to zuzu with a result of 274 points.

Top 10 complement
4. mitkodelibaltov - 267p.
5. Antonia - 262p.
6. Ivan - 247p.
7. bo4ko - 235p.
8. Angel Plyakov - 215p.
9. PineapllBGR - 204p.
10. smgDEFE - 156p.

Thank you all for participating. I wish you good luck in September as well.

Иван claims his title on Yahtzee again

Иван claims his title on Yahtzee again
Ivan returned to the top and began his dominance in the Yahtzee game. In August he achieved a result of 800 points. Second was the winner for July mitkodelibaltov with 710p. , and third was Antonia with 640p. With a small difference after her was zuzu with its 606p.
Again a good month and unfortunately not enough participants.

I will be happy to get involved and do at least one Yahtzee game.

If you have any questions about the regulation you can ask in a comment and I will be happy to explain.

mitkodelibaltov is the second monthly winner of Yahtzee

mitkodelibaltov is the second monthly winner of Yahtzee
The second month of Yahtzee in Rolantida is over.

A lot of people are still intimidated to play their first game, but I hope there will be a stir soon.

The peak in July conquered mitkodelibaltov with 788p. Apparently the change of his avatar to a lion does a good job, because he also took second place in General as well. In second place with a very small difference is the record holder Иван - 781 points. Third place went to zuzu with 739p. and a personal record. In fourth place was renchii with 474 points, which is well below her usual level.

We expect you to try the new Yahtzee game again in August.

Good luck to everyone
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