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Best "General" players this month

277 p. duci G
264 p. mimiR
261 p. mitkodelibaltov
244 p. Антония
243 p. Иван

Best "Yahtzee" players this month

954 p. Иван
878 p. duci G
785 p. mimiR
573 p. Антония

duci G took the crown in July '21

duci G took the crown in July '21
In the summer of July, Duci G was above all and took the title with a result of 288 points. He will have a gold crown in front of his name this month. In second place with an equal result were mitkodelibaltov and mimiR - 283p.

The others that got into top 10 were:
zuzu - 276p.
Жарин Жеков - 269p.
duci - 268p.
smgDEFE - 266p.
Иван- 245p.
renchii - 240p.
wako8o - 236p.

The good news is that we see a lot of new faces in the game. Thank you all for getting involved.

I expect to see your results in August as well.

Иван with new Yahtzee RECORD

Иван with new Yahtzee RECORD
In June, only four were afraid to play our new game Yams.

Ivan was above all, setting an all-time record with a score of 860p. (the previous record was 799 points)
In second place was the previous record holder (and creator) mitkodelibaltov with 767 points, and third place went to Antonia with 568 points.
The fourth, frightened with a very small difference, remained renchii, who made 491 points.
Super results. We expect more people to join our new game soon.

Best of luck for the next month,

Жарин Жеков was above all in June

Жарин Жеков was above all in June
Congratulations to the top players of General for the month of June. Jarin Zhekov finished first with 293 points. second was duci with 285 and third was mimiR with 283p.
Top 10 add:
4. renchii - 270p.
5. zuzu - 262p.
6. Ivan - 259p.
7. Angel Plyakov - 253p.
8. Lori Plamenova - 251p.
9. mitkodelibaltov - 250p.
10. Antonia - 233p.
and lonely on the second page was Vilia Mihova with 181 points.

I wish everyone a sunny month in July and
thank you for getting involved regularly and playing together.

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