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Best "General" players this month

277 p. duci G
264 p. mimiR
261 p. mitkodelibaltov
244 p. Антония
243 p. Иван

Best "Yahtzee" players this month

954 p. Иван
878 p. duci G
785 p. mimiR
573 p. Антония

Antonia grabbed the win for April 2021

Antonia grabbed the win for April 2021
The monthly ranking for April changed, but Antonia remained unreachable at the top with a result of 289 points.

Niya and zuzu shared the second place with a result of 284 points.

The top 10 also included:

4. mimiR - 282 points.
5. duci - 280 points.
6. Ivan - 271 points.
7. mitcodelibalts - 263 points.
8. smil3y - 263 points.
9. renchii - 260 points.
10. boel4e - 257 points.

Be sure to join the standings for May, because it is going to be quite an interesting battle.

Greetings and good luck,

5 years Rolantida! Thank you!

5 years Rolantida! Thank you!
Happy birthday to Rolandida:))

Today, May 1, 2016, this website was launched and we have been together for 5 years. Some of you have been with us since the beginning, others have joined later, some are leaving and returning. Everything happens in life, but on this day I want to wish you all a happy birthday. Thanks to you, this site still exists.

Thank you for your support, for your inspiration and for continuing to play and have fun.

Mitko - creator and friend of Rolantida

They like to play duels. And you?

They like to play duels. And you?
A statistic for players who like to play in Rolantida.
I have prepared for you the top 10 fans of General Duels!
The ranking is headed by the sole administrator - mitkodelibaltov as I have completed a little over 500 duels. In second place is Ivan with 530 duels. Third far behind remains socrates77 with 86 duels.

Below the top are the following fans of duels

4. tohto - 71 duels
5. renchii - 63 duels
6. mimiR - 62 duels
7. smil3y - 53 duels
8. Antonia - 36 duels
9-10. stoiandimi - 31 duels
9-10. kris95 - 31 duels

If you want to get involved and play a duel, come and challenge us and have fun together.

Greetings from me,
have a nice and smiling weekend
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