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Our second lovely game in Rollantida - Yahtzee is already here. Give it a try!

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Rollantida's Yahtzee game is a dice game that is a mix of Yahtzee and Yacht. These games are similar and differ slightly from each other in the way they score and form the end result.

In our variation of Yahtzee 5 dices are played. Each move consists of a maximum of 3 rolls, with the first roll using all five dice, and the other two (which are optional) can roll any number of dice. After each roll, you have the right to select the dice to roll again. After the third roll, or at your discretion or earlier, a combination of the table in which you record the result is selected.

The results table is conditionally made up of 2 parts - numerical part (+ bonus) and part with combinations:
Yams Rules
The numerical part consists of the numbers 1 through 6.

  • For each digit you need to roll as many dice as you can from that number. Accordingly, to get the points in this field, multiply the number by the number of dice with it. For example, if you roll 3 threes & ndash; 3x3 = 9 points.
  • If you roll 4 identical - save 4x rolls (4x3 = 12, 4x5 = 20, etc.)
  • If you roll 5 of the same - save 5x rolls (5x3 = 15, 5x6 = 30, etc.)
  • If you do not have any dice of this type, you get 0 points.
  • You can only write once per line.
No throw is recorded in the bonus field . It determines your bonus for this column. If in the numerical part (from 1 to 6) your sum is equal to or greater than 60 you get 30 points. bonus. If you reach 59 or less points you do not receive a bonus.

The combination fields record the sum of the dice involved in the hand. The combinations are as follows:
  • Straight - a combination of 5 consecutive dice from one to five, which carries 15 points, or from two to six, which carries 20 points (It is not necessary to roll in any order & ndash; but it is only necessary to have the dice from 1 up to 5 or from 2 to 6)
  • Full house - a combination of 3 identical dice and 2 other identical dice, for example 3 sixes and 2 triples = 24 points (Note: the full dice are not allowed to be 5 identical dice.);
  • Yahtzee - a combination of five identical dice. The points he brings are the sum of the dice plus 50 bonus points. For example, 5 sixes are 5x6 = 30 + 50 points (bonus) = 80 points.
  • Chance - the sum of the five dice.

Each combination can only be used once per game. When recording an incorrect combination, a score of 0 points is reported and this combination can no longer be used. After each roll, the player's score is automatically updated and shows the provisional score. When all the fields from the digital and combinational part are filled in, the game ends and the result, which is reported by the sum of all the fields, is considered as the final result of the player. With it, he enters the standings and can start a new game.

It is interesting in Yahtzee that you have 4 columns in which you can save your result. Each column is filled in differently.

  • Column 1 (down) - Fill in the first column from top to bottom. This means that at the beginning of the game you can only save units. After saving units, you can save pairs, followed by threes, fours, and so on. to the bottom.
  • Column 2 (top) - Fill in the second column from bottom to top. This means that at the beginning of the game you can only save a chance. Once you save a chance you can save yams, then full, then kent, then sixes, and so on. to the top.
  • Column 3 (down and up) - The third column is extremely interesting. In it you fill in simultaneously from the bottom up and from the top down. But your starting point is the bonus field. This means you can save sixes or cents. Once you write sixes, you can write fives, fours, and so on. After saving the kent you can save the full, then the yams and finally the amount. 
  • Column 4 (random) - Fill in the fourth column at random. This means you can fill in wherever you want.

The rule with the columns makes the game extremely interesting and exciting until the last moment. Here the biggest role is played by the correct planning of the throws and of course luck.

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