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Best "General" players this month

277 p. duci G
264 p. mimiR
261 p. mitkodelibaltov
244 p. Антония
243 p. Иван

Best "Yahtzee" players this month

954 p. Иван
878 p. duci G
785 p. mimiR
573 p. Антония

mimiR is the winner for the month of May

mimiR is the winner for the month of May
Congratulations, mimiR! You are our 5th monthly winner for this year.

We remind you that the first four months were won by:
January - boel4e
February - zuzu
March - mimiR
April - Antonia

After mimiR and its result of 287t. line up zuzu with 284t. and duci with 282t.
The top 10 add:
4. boel4e - 279t.
5. MoZhekov with 277t.
5. smil3y with 277t.
5. mitkodelibaltov с 277т.
8. vancheto85 with 276t.
9. Penka Zhekova with 275 tons.
10. Antonia with 271 tons.

Thank you all for participating.

I wish you good luck and a lot of fun playing the games in June.

Play our newest game - Yahtzee

Play our newest game - Yahtzee
The website is growing and it is time for our next step. This is the game Yahtzee. It is based on General and its rules, but it is even more interesting, harder and more exciting.

Login or register now to play Yahtzee - Play Yahtzee

The rules for the game can be found here - Yahtzee Rules

Be a beta tester of Yahtzee

Be a beta tester of Yahtzee

Some of you already know, and others do not yet suspect that I am preparing a new game for Rolandida. It's called Yahtzee and was one of the first dice games I learned.

It is quite interesting and fascinating, and very soon you will be able to play it on the site.
At the moment the game is almost ready and is in the test phase. We are looking for people to test the game and see if it works properly.

If you want to test and play up to 3 games write your username and I will give you access to play Yahtzee.

The rules are available at https://rollantida.com/en/yahtzee/rules

Expect more new and interesting things soon.
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